• March 30, 2023

ข่าวเกมมือถือ The best mobile games in 2022

Players just have to control the day to day lives of their characters in a virtual environment. Adventure games were one of the earliest games ever created. Like action games, a player assumes the role of a protagonist. Players often explore and solve puzzles by interacting with people and the environment. It’s arguably one of the most addicting mobile games ever invented.

Whatever you do, stay two steps ahead of the guards at all times, keep your head down, hide your contraband, and don’t forget to attend roll-call! This is an addictive, tense game that’s easy enough to get stuck in but provides a real challenge once you get going. There are over six themed prisons to escape and dozens of crafting combos to try out along the way. If you enjoy The Escapists, you can also pick up The Escapists 2 for $1. Repulze is a futuristic, sci-fi-inspired racer where you’re the pilot of an experimental hovercraft.

These include additional game levels or better equipment and items. All of which brings the base game beyond its original limitations. Lastly, mobile games can also generate revenue by carrying paid advertisements. Don’t forget that once your game is developed, the world of gamers needs to find it. If you want your game to be installed and played by many people, you will need to push it to app stores properly, manage it, promote it and grow its popularity.

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We’re also only going to include one game per series, so we’ll generally go with the first rather than the best entry. Mega Battle Raid fans can prepare to throw down against Mega Banette in the mobile AR game with this list of the best counters available. Genshin Impact’s 3.2 Special Program reveals three free promotional codes, but players need to act fast before they expire ข่าวเกมมือถือ after 24 hours. Genshin Impact’s recent livestream event for update 3.2 confirms the three five-star characters that will receive their re-runs. That depends on whether you want a phone specifically built for gaming, or a great all-round handset that also excels for gaming, but we’ve got picks for both. The Poco F4 GT is a great phone that also happens to be ideal for gaming.

It’s a gorgeous game that was all the rage when it launched back in 2014, single-handedly changing the landscape of mobile gaming. Before Monument Valley came out, polished mobile games weren’t mainstream yet. The legendary strategy battle royale shooter is now on mobile, specifically designed for touchscreen. Apex Legends Mobile features the most advanced battle royal combat on a phone, though there’s no crossplay with the console or PC versions. Set in the Apex Legends universe, in this free-to-play shooter, you can create a team with up to two friends, compete with other players, and enjoy fast-paced FPS, TPS, and combat action. This article will go through the best game engines currently available on the market.

It’s free to play in the strictest sense, with quality controls on the touchscreen as well as physical controller support. However, for casual play, the touch controls work perfectly fine. Anyone who’s a fan of the mainline game should check out the younger sibling on mobile.

Life simulation games are also getting more popular nowadays. This subgenre of simulation video games requires maintaining a population of autonomous creatures and organisms. Not to be confused with role-playing, there is no storyline to follow in this type of game.

With eight different worlds to explore, mind-bending puzzles, and easy-touch controls, this is an addictive little puzzler that will keep you guessing. You can play in portrait mode on your phone or Android tablet, too. One of the most iconic and beloved RPGs of all time can be played on your Android device. Embark upon a time-traveling RPG with seamless and strategic combat, great sprite-based visuals, and an utterly charming story. This mobile Chrono Trigger is based on the expanded Nintendo DS version, which features a much improved story translation over the SNES original.

The Android gaming market features outstanding gems that deserve a home on your Android phone or tablet. Indie hits, retro classics, and even Nintendo-published originals are among the many games you’ll find on the Android platform. In fact, some Android games are comparable with AAA titles console games and PC games. As a result, we’ve selected great titles across all genres to help you find the top games to play. ThreesThree is the amount of moves ahead Threes requires you to think.

APK stands for Android Application Package or Android Package Kit. It’s the file format used by Android to distribute and install mobile games and apps, as well as middleware. APKs consists of all the elements necessary for an app to install correctly on your phone. More and more players are using mobile devices to play games. Plus, it allows gamers to play games wherever they are, which can’t be said for desktop or consoles. Apex Legends Mobile came out in 2022 and hit the ground running.

Here are our picks for the best mobile games on iOS and Android in 2022 so far. First and foremost, the graphics are totally fitting of the genre, with snow that looks absolutely fantastic. Still, skiing and snowboarding are the real draws, and both are a total blast. This is a classic JRPG that many consider one of the best of all time, thanks to its fantastic story, accessible turn-based gameplay, and incredible pixel art. Most mobile games are F2P and filled with horrible monetization.