• September 27, 2023

ข่าวเกม New PS5 Games Release Dates in 2022

These new games include bleeding-edge titles with ray tracing capabilities, as well as updates to your favourite RPGs, shooters and co-op masterpieces. “Marvelous announces survival action game Deadcraft ข่าวเกม for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC”. Such companies include Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Devolver Digital, Daybreak Games, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Electronic Arts, and Bungie.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. Celeste developer Extremely OK Games has shared a first-look trailer of its upcoming game, Earthblade, and has confirmed it will be released in 2024. The game was previously described as a 2D “explor-action’ game it features a gorgeous art-style that simply sings in motion.

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System Shock’s cyberpunk pedigree is unmatched, and we’re hoping this will nail it. Four members of the Bat Family are watching over Gotham in Batman’s absence in this diversion from the Arkhamverse timeline. In solo or two-player co-op, you’ll tackle the big bads of the Court of Owls as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. Blizzard’s landmark hero shooter returns as an unconventional free-to-play sequel with a 5v5 format, new heroes, new maps, and an eventual PvE offering. Bandai Namco has announced it will publish Blue Protocol when it is released outside of Japan in 2023. Blue Protocol is an anime-inspired MMORPG that is described as an ‘anime come to life’ that features five classes – Blade Warden, Twin Striker, Keen Strider, Spell Weaver, and Foe Breaker.

In a year where normalcy is finally seeming to return — but not quite there yet — Vampire Survivors became a ritual to help mark the weeks. Pentiment can sound a bit like homework, and fair warning, the first few hours are dense — one of the game’s few mechanics is the option to read footnotes. The characters in its beautiful town, illustrated in the style of the time, are contradictory, just like real people.

Gearbox Publishing and developer Gunfire Games have announced a brand new looter shooter in Remnant 2. This new game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2023 and will once again be a three-person cooperative shooter with deadly worlds, unique loot, and ghastly beasts. While several of these titles are currently “to be announced,” rest assured we’re keeping several eyes on them and will be sure update this list with proper release dates as soon as they’re available. Here’s hoping for another year filled with great games and very few delays! And if a game is delayed, we’ll be sure to update its date here, as well, and check out our 2023 schedule for next year’s games.

Ultimate bundles your Xbox Live Gold subscription, Xbox Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC Game Pass for Windows devices, and Xbox Cloud Gaming for on-the-go fun. That means access to hundreds of games, with more added all the time, for a single monthly subscription cost. State of Decay 3 is also a bit of an enigma, offering us a cinematic trailer and not much else. Set in a more wintry environment, there are possibilities that you’ll have to manage your internal temperature in addition to other survival needs, as the plague seems to have now spread to animals and not just humans. Form your party of intrepid rockstars, explore the wasteland for the mightiest guitars, and battle giant robots in turn-based battles where you can shred them up using special moves powered by rock.

Cat puzzler Stray has captured the internet’s heart and MultiVersus has proven to be a much more worthy Smash contender than Nickelodeon’s attempt in 2021. Ash Williams and crew take on zombie hordes in this co-op survival shooter. You can play either as a bunch of different favorite characters or as the Kandarian Demon hunting them down.

Whether fans are looking to return to games they already loved, or for a niche JRPG to lose dozens of hours to, December will be one of the better months in gaming for 2022. But let’s stay positive and take a look at what is unquestionably going to be a banner year in video game history. As always, this list keeps track of as many video game release dates as we can find. To help you keep track of the upcoming games you need to know about, this guide will be constantly updated with the latest release dates. Be sure to check out our new PS5 games, new Xbox Series X games and best new games 2022 lists too!

That said, June brought us Mario Strikers, Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion, and the actual, official, final release date of Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course. It can be very difficult to keep up with video game release dates, particularly as the holiday season approaches. Over the next few months, a number of new video game releases will take place, including major titles such as God of War Ragnarok, The Callisto Protocol, and Bayonetta 3.

These unique friendship quests give you more reason to keep revisiting than just checking in on villagers, stocking up from the local shop, and reeling in the same fish. Manor Lords is an indie medieval strategy game with “realistic” city building, battles and the promise of a full building freedom which should be thoroughly enjoyable. Elder Scrolls fans have been waiting impatiently for a sequel to Skyrim for what might seem like forever. Now we finally have proof that The Elder Scrolls VI is coming at some point, we just don’t know much beyond that.

Like any worthy art form, they require constant categorization, re-categorization, and re-re-categorization, just to keep track of every twist and turn in their labyrinthine evolution. And in 2022, more so than any other year, I threw up my hands and allowed myself to revel in the chaos. Supermassive Games made its bones with 2015’s Until Dawn — a gristly slasher-flick pastiche in which you escort a cadre of idiot 20-somethings to their untimely deaths. This time, we’re in charge of a group of teenagers attempting to survive the night at a moonlit summer camp, and to nobody’s surprise, the action goes off the rails quickly. You dictate the choices of characters over a series of daisy-chained cutscenes and watch as they inevitably meet some sort of terrible, midnight-movie end.

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