• September 27, 2023

ข่าวเกม Video Game Release Dates 2022 Calendar

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Everything is looking pretty awesome, and we can see Naughty Dog’s vision come to TV-life in January. Like so many other console game classics of late, Sonic is going open world. As always, he’s on the hunt for Chaos Emeralds, but this time it’s with a mixture of big open fields and some more classic Sonic level rails. Fatshark is bringing a new ‘-tide’ game from the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40k world. With a new cast, this may be the king of co-op to get your squad prepared for this year. Explore and solve mysteries as a cyberkitty in a cybercity, roaming a decaying, android-populated metropolis as you try to find your way home.

Others have called it “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with guns.” I’m here to tell you that firing off a grenade launcher while coming down from a 360-rotational backflip is fun as hell, no matter what you call it. Traveller’s Tales has happily adapted its Lego games into every IP willing to host it. It has made landfall in Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, and the Tolkien legendarium, but Star Wars was always its first — and best — home. The Skywalker Saga is the studio’s chance to be truly definitive in its relentless documentation of pop media, and quite frankly, no other game bearing the Rebel crest has ever crammed this much Star Wars into its source code. You can take control of Malakili, the guy who owns the Rancor monster in Jabba’s palace.

Adventure online with vampire allies in co-op, or defend your dark manor from rival players. In this turn-based tactical Warhammer 40k game, you’ll put on the Grey Knights helmet to fight chaos and Daemons. You’ll command and personalize your own squad of Daemonhunters in the story-driven campaign. January is kicking off the year with two excellent PC ports of console games.

You play as Jot, the titular plucky squire who protects the land of a fictional storybook from the evil wizard Humgrump. Dredge is a fishing game with a survival horror edge developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team17. You are a rookie fisherman who has just begun their fishing career by ข่าวเกม venturing into the vast ocean for the biggest catch. Use your collection of fishing gear to reel in valuable fish and sell them to islanders for money you can use to upgrade your ship. You play as an unnamed individual who washed ashore on Wirral Island, and you have no idea how you got there.

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TheGamer is the leading source for video game news, reviews, topical features, and deep-dive interviews, delivered right through your eyeballs and into your brain box. Though none of these titles have release dates that are set in stone, they are all hotly anticipated games that are hopefully seen sooner rather than later. Though it’s been long hinted at, Death Stranding finally got officially announced thanks to a trailer that premiered at The Game Awards. Hunt humans for blood, or convert them into servants to tend your custom-built vampire castle.

But because it tries to do so much, or perhaps because 2018’s quality was such a shock, Ragnarök is only able to scramble over the bar that its predecessor so easily blew past. The expectations for the first expansion after Shadowbringers were high, but Square Enix still managed to deliver. Endwalker was meant to wrap up Final Fantasy 14’s main story arc, but it does so much more than that. It expands on characters we already loved, provides context for things I didn’t realize we needed, and reminds us that, despite how bleak things may seem, there are reasons to stay hopeful. The game has added five new champions — Zeri, Renata Glasc, Bel’Veth, Nilah, and K’Sante — and updated a whole host of others (including the long-awaited revamped Udyr).

Details are scarce, but it looks to be a narrative-driven, single-player, first-person shooter that definitely gives off some BioShock in space vibes. Looking for a list of all the biggest upcoming games headed your way in 2022? We’re also committed to improving the reliability of game downloads and installs with every update.

The new Motorsport release is also promising dynamic lighting and weather conditions as well, so that should keep things interesting. Become the pirate captain you’ve always wanted to be and battle on the high seas on your own or with up to five other players. Grease the gangplank and ready the mainsail, this is surely going to be a glorious grog-swilling romp. The following is a hand-picked selection of games we’ve seen and are excited about.

The neon-blasted cyberpunk title features action-infiltration-oriented gameplay, complete with a branching narrative and stunning art that combines retro-2D sprites and modern lighting with 3D elements. There Is No Light is a Kickstarter success story that came to Xbox and PC in November 2021. This self-proclaimed “brutal” action game sports a gothic retro-pixel art style and looks to have tight combat. Escape a deadly cult, and kill hordes of enemies while doing so. The Last Faith is an upcoming metroidvania/soulslike hybrid developed by Kumi Souls Games and published by Playstack.

Gather a crew of the toughest crooks and perform heists across the country to assert your place as the no.1 gangster. As one of Outbound’s resident ghosts, you must help your fellow spooks come to terms with their grief by fighting their inner demons in turn-based battles with the aid of manifestations of your personality as party members. The Outbound Ghost is an RPG developed by Conradical Games and published by Digerati. The story takes place in Outbound, a literal ghost town filled with spirits that cannot move on to the afterlife as regrets from their past lives weigh them down. Guided by your AI partner, Magus, you will explore a dangerous world plagued by never-ending poisonous rain, hunt hulking alien monsters called Enders, and battle other players online as they try to steal your AO crystals. Spirittea is a life-sim RPG developed by Cheesemaster Games and published by No More Robots.

I can only hope that something happens to make some of the lowlifes have to eat their supplies to survive. I don’t want to see Ratchet & Clank a Rift Apart get contaminated with rated 18+ characters references / cameo inside like other Sony’s game on PS5. Wow just looking at the list outside few sony console exclusives with no confirmed release date yet theres no reason to go next-gen next year…. I expect it won’t be the last one in this series, seems a bit, soon? Unless it’s just the first part and the second one is called Ragnarok Part II. @get2sammyb Also Godfall has been confirmed for a Holiday 2020 release window too.

Forza Motorsport is an upcoming reboot of the long-running racing franchise of the same name. This new entry will utilize the full power of Xbox Series X