• September 26, 2023

ข่าวเกม Video game release dates 2022 PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch

The first gameplay for The Lords of the Fallen has been revealed and it shows a Soulslike that looks to be another challenging RPG set in a dark fantasy world. This new game is a reboot of sorts from 2016’s Lords of the Fallen and takes place 1,000 years after the original and in a world five times larger than it. Movie has arrived and it gives us a great look at the upcoming film and is packed with homages to the games that inspired the project. Toad takes Mario through Mushroom Kingdom and we see our favorite plumber introduced to warp travel.

Meet your Maker is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter/base-builder hybrid developed and published by Behaviour Interactive Inc., the team behind Dead by Daylight. In this game, you assume the role of the Custodian, a machine serving a living experiment called Chimera, and it is your job to protect it from raiders looking to harvest its genetic materials. Dead Island 2, the long-awaited sequel to the cult first-person action-RPG, zombie-survival game, Dead Island has finally risen from the dead.

System Shock 3 is also being developed, so we’ve got that to look forward to as well. Nightdive Studios is set to remake and reboot the classic sci-fi adventure System Shock sometime in the near future. The developers are promising a new game that’s true to the original while being given a refresh with modern visuals and gameplay. (Pocket-lint) – There are plenty of incredible games coming to PC this year and beyond.

Travel across the sands of a magical realm, harness the power of shape-shifting weapons, and hunt down humongous monsters alone or with a friend to free your people from the gods’ control. The Wolf Among Us 2, the long-awaited sequel to Telltale’s narrative-focused adventure game, The Wolf Among Us, has finally been unveiled with a tentative release date for 2023. This series tells the story of Bigby Wolf, the former sheriff of “Fabletown” — a secret community within the streets of New York City that houses characters from fairy tales and folklore. Scathe is a DOOM-inspired, first-person shooter developed by Damage State Ltd and published by Kwalee. You play as Scathe, an enforcer of the Legions of the Hell that must prove their worth to the Divine Creator by slaughtering his way through a demon-infested maze. From Arkane we have Redfall, an upcoming co-operative shooter/immersive sim, where you go toe to toe with vampiric forces of darkness.

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And more than a few folks around our own offices are well enthused for Two Point Campus already. And in addition to all that other good news, Marvel’s Spider-Man finally makes a PC appearance! If these titles alone are any indication, 2022’s August is shaping up to be an exciting one. Dragon Quest Treasures, on the other hand, departed a bit too much from its established origins. Our Ryan Bamsey laments this fact in his review, saying “It’s missing too many things that make these games so compelling…” Need For Speed Unbound doesn’t push boundaries with its gameplay, but this latest game gives fans more of what they liked in “the series’ most stylish entry to date.”

In the original Dead Space, you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who has been dispatched alongside a crew to repair a spaceship called the USG Ishimura. The mission goes awry immediately as Isaac’s crew discovers that the Ishimura has become infested with horrific alien ข่าวเกม lifeforms that can only be destroyed by dismembering them into pieces. Whether it’s news, reviews, or interviews – Sherif is always eager to tell you about video games. He plays shooters more than a sane person should, and occasionally has the skills to show for it.

You play as Ravenlok, a young girl trapped in another world after stumbling onto a magic mirror. To return home, she must explore this fantastical realm, converse with deranged characters, and save a kingdom from the tyrannical reign of the Caterpillar Queen. Party Animals is an action party game developed by Recreate Games and published by Source Technology.

Arc System Works has built a legacy on some of the most visually stunning fighting games of all time. Five years ago it released a beefy, bruising tribute to the Toriyama estate in the form of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and now it’s back with a take on a media franchise that has gone almost entirely unplayed in the west. Dungeon & Fighter is a massively popular RPG in South Korea, and Arc System Works has been tasked with injecting the series into a throwback, Street Fighter facsimile. But you won’t need to fret about the canonical touchstones you’re missing, because it’s incredible to watch DNF Duel in motion. DNF Duel pares down its control scheme to the most basic inputs; nobody is expected to master any esoteric joystick motions. That means this is an Arc System Works product that is genuinely approachable to newcomers, which is a reform that the fighting-game genre has needed for a very long time.

Perfect Tides is no different, capturing both the gangly limbs and wide-eyed loneliness of teens and preteens in the early 2000s. But Perfect Tides’ teen, Mara, is dealing with grief, living on an isolated island connected to the mainland only by a ferry. I’ve been marooned along the frozen reaches of the Canadian arctic in The Long Dark and guarded a homestead from marauding greylings in Valheim, but Grounded shifts the setting to a much more familiar environment.

The more followers you have, the higher the level, and you can suck the devotion from your loyal worshipers to unlock things and level up further. In this dark, yet cutesy roguelike, what starts off as certain death when four mysterious figures try to sacrifice you, soon turns into a deal with the devil, when he saves you and then tasks you with starting a cult in his name. Once you work through the tutorial, you’re quickly introduced to your base and earn your first loyal follower who you can instruct to get started on chopping trees and collecting resources to build houses and facilities. The game is set in the distant future and takes place on the planet Aida. Here humans have settled after the Earth has become increasingly uninhabitable. Once you step into this world, you’ll have no shortage of things to do, from mucking around with friends, to crafting, fighting monsters, and making food.

You could make the argument that the first Rogue Legacy, released in 2013, is responsible for the roguelike boom we’re currently living through. The game brought Machiavellian concepts like permadeath and no save points from the dankest niches of PC gaming to the front page of the Steam charts. Rogue Legacy 2 enters a gaming ecosystem where countless other developers have iterated upon its original doctrines, and the series graciously integrates many of those modernizations. Rogue Legacy 2 now has a wide array of unique classes, a la Hades, and a strong emphasis on environmental diversity, like Minecraft or Dead Cells. Best of all, the game holds onto the core gimmick that initially made me fall in love with the series.

After a character dies, you wrest control of one of their direct descendants, who is beset with all sorts of congenital boons or curses. (You might have quick-feet, but you suffer from colorblindness.) It’s like a paperback fantasy serial stretched out to its tropiest extremes; just an endless series of sons and daughters avenging mothers and fathers. Elden Ring expanded on From’s tried-and-true formula — a dense, clockwork universe packed with furtive secrets and ecclesiastic lore — into, perhaps, the largest world ever rendered on a console.

I would really like to play RDR in the RDR2 engine but again that’s just replaying old games because the new ones seem less. The First Descendant is a multiplayer-focused, action-RPG, looter shooter developed by NEXON Games Co., Ltd. and published by NEXON Korea Corp. You play as Descendants, a group of superpowered soldiers charged with protecting humanity and the Ingris continent from monsters and invading empires. You can take on the vast hordes of enemies alone with your powers, guns, and tools alone or with friends in 4-player co-op for a better chance at survival. ProDeus is a retro-inspired first-person shooter developed by Bounding Box Software and published by Humble Games. Inspired by the golden age of ’90s shooters, ProDeus is an action-packed thrill ride where you brave through a nightmarish world filled with technological abominations you will gun down in droves.